Manhattan Nursery School
  Happy Spring
  Manhattan Nursery School was founded in 1996 and has been constantly growing and providing loving care with professionalism. Our school is licensed school by New York City department of health. Our school provides a safe and comfortable environment for learning. To ensure safety, security and well being of the children in our school, children are engaged with activities in a physically safe environment filled with age-appropriate learning materials and child-friendly furniture. We offer not only fun filled but educational program with nurturing and professional teachers. All classroom teachers are certified and well experienced. Children participate in activities at variety of learning centers, which help them develop skills in the areas of math, social studies, science and language arts. Day to day, children play, interact and learn in a positively structured classroom. Our responsive and inclusive teaching methods will meet each child’s individual needs and expectations.
03/29/2016   Field trip to Intrepid Museum
02/10/2015   Sesame Street Show
02/10/2015   School closing on Monday, 2/16/15
01/27/2015   School will reopen on Wednesday, 1/28/15.
01/26/2015   School will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, 1/27/15.