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Our classrooms are organized with a variety of centers equipped with age-appropriate learning materials and manipulative toys. Learning centers are especially designed to encourage children to explore their curiosity in different ways throughout interactions with peers and teachers. Each learning center is theme-oriented. Children’s classrooms have the following learning centers, but the arrangement and composition of the centers vary from the different aged groups.

Library Area

Language skills are developed through the exploration of children’s literature.

With educationally displayed theme-related books, children are encouraged to read pictures and associate them with the story, make predictions and express their ideas.

Children also learn to lengthen their attention span.

Block Area

Block area has different sizes of wooden blocks, large and small vehicles, animals, traffic signals and household items.

Children learn to take turns, share and follow the rules and develop problem solving skills.
Throughout block building, children are able to make connections from their play to the real world around them.

Also, they develop in cognitive ways by making imaginary objects with blocks.

Dramatic Play Area

By playing in different roles, children express their feelings to their peers while playing together and experience new world.

Also, children learn how to interact with others and conduct properly with peers. Throughout interactions with them and taking responsibilities in role playing, children can think in other people’s point of view and understand them better.

(Such as helping mommy when she cooks or sharing toys with friends and siblings.)

Art & Writing Area

Children demonstrate their emotions throughout different types of materials and techniques.

They explore drawing, painting, gluing, stamping with using markers, pencils, paint brushes and foams in this area.

Also, children develop fine motor skills by being engaged into manipulative tools as well as creativity as they express their ideas throughout art work.

Math & Manipulative Area

Children are encouraged with table top toys such as puzzles, peg board, board games, matching games, small blocks and magnetic building set.

Children develop their cognitive ability throughout sorting, categorizing, patterning, weighing and measuring.

Children learn the concepts of numbers and understand the relationship between numbers and quantity.

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