Pre-K For All® (4 years – 5 years)

Pre-K For All® (4 years – 5 years)

  • Manhattan Nursery School is a NYC early education center that is approved to provide Pre-K For All® program. It is a high-quality, free and full day (for 6 hours and 20 minutes) program that is designed for 4-year olds to provide ample opportunities to acquire academic skills which eventually lead the children to succeed in kindergarten.  Manhattan Nursery School has 2 Pre-K For All® classrooms with the total of 32 seats.

  • Manhattan Nursery School follows the 10 interdisciplinary units grounded in the New York State Pre-K foundation for the common core throughout the academic year.  Also, Manhattan Nursery School participates in NYC Pre-K explore track in combination of Building Blocks® math curriculum.

  • A sample classroom daily schedule for our Pre-K For All® program is available on 'Document Download' page under 'Parents' menu.
  • Hot lunch is provided for the children enrolled in our Pre-K For All® program.

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In 1996, a dedicated educator from New York City, Sinok Park, founded Manhattan Nursery School for working parents in New York metropolitan area.

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