Communication definitely matters at MNS! Manhattan Nursery School is always willing to communicate with MNS families.
Below are the ways MNS stays connected with its families.
  • Daily observation checklist: all parents at MNS receive a daily observation checklist to be informed about their child’s day. To maximize the teachers’ time spent with the children, MNS uses paper daily observation checklist.
  • Open door policy: MNS welcomes its families anytime during the day and encourages all parents to participate in special events or outings.
  • Monthly newsletter: MNS publishes a monthly newsletter to inform its families about classroom themes, learning objectives, important announcements and more.
  • Parent-teacher conferences: 2 parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year, and all families are given a report card with an analyzed portfolio.
  • Class dojo®: Photos of the children, weekly classroom schedules, weekly breakfast & snack menus and important reminders are posted on Class dojo® application.

About Us

In 1996, a dedicated educator from New York City, Sinok Park, founded Manhattan Nursery School for working parents in New York metropolitan area.

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