School food


School Food

Manhattan Nursery School provides nutritional breakfast and two snacks during the day.

All breakfast and snacks will be served with milk and water. Kindly note that if a child cannot drink cow’s milk due to allergies or intolerance, substitutes need to be provided by his/her parents.

Extra snacks from home can also be packed daily. In such a case, snacks from home and school snacks are served to the child.

For Pre-K For All® students, hot lunch is provided from September (the first day of program) to June, until the program ends. A separate menu for students in Pre-K For All® is posted in school as well as on Classdojo® weekly.

With 21 years of experience in the childcare and early learning center, Manhattan Nursery School nurtures your child’s growth and curious mind.

About Us

In 1996, a dedicated educator from New York City, Sinok Park, founded Manhattan Nursery School for working parents in New York metropolitan area.

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