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03/13/2017   School Closing Tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/14
03/01/2017   Congratulations to Oliver Huang in Pre-K2!
02/08/2017   School closing tomorrow, Thursday, 2/9/17
01/13/2017   Sesame street show live
01/13/2017   UPK open house on 2/3/17 and 2/17/17
Date: 03/01/2017
Subject: Congratulations to Oliver Huang in Pre-K2!

Hello MNS parents,
I would like to share good news about Oliver Huang in Pre-K2 who was accepted to Hunter College Elementary School.
It is a highly competitive school which accepts only 25 boys and 25 girls among over 1500 applicants.
Manhattan Nursery School is so proud of Oliver and his teachers and parents who have supported him throughout his journey to HCES.