Manhattan Nursery School

Manhattan Nursery School follows our school's disciplinary process.

         1. The children are reminded of the class rules before a problem occurs.
         2. The children are encouraged to develop self-control by the teachers' praising of positive          behaviors.
         3. Praise is given in the form of positive words/statements/phrases;
         e.g: "way to go," "good job," and "I am proud of you."
         4. The children are invited to express their feelings in words.
         5. The teachers encourage the children to think of ways to solve all problems.
         6. An inappropriate behavior is re-directed in a positive manner.
         7. Planned ignoring may be used when a child misbehaves to gain attention and when the
         behavior is just annoying but not harmful.
         8. 'Quite time' or 'Time out' is a special time given to the child to calm himself/herself and to
         regain self-control.
         9. 'Reserve time out' is for teachers; when the teacher gets upset or angry she says so and
         shows the children how she calms herself. This teaches the children how to use a time-out and
         gives them a model of self-control to follow.
         10. 'Logical consequences' allow the children the dignity of managing the consequences of their          behaviors,
         e.g.: "You threw the blocks around the classroom. You cannot play with them again until this          afternoon.
         11. Behaviors that are such more serious will be brought to the attention of the director who
         may meet the child's parents to discuss the situation and possibly find a solution to the problem.

Listed below are a few rules concerning the HEALTH OF YOUR CHILD and therefore must be strictly adhered to;

         1. All children that have been due to a serious illness such as Measles, German, Chicken Pox,          Mumps, Pneumonia, Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough, etc. must present a signed doctor's note,          stating they may return to school. Children returning to school without a doctor's note will not          be admitted.
         2. Any child having a fever must remain away from the school until a minimum of twenty-four
         hours has elapsed from the fever ending. Although most fevers do subside during the following
         morning or daytime hours, the infection may still exist. So please be advised that the best time
         to take a reading of your child's temperature is IN THE EVENING because that is generally the
         time a fever will arise.
         3. The school is to be notified immediately whenever a child is absent due to illness and also
         when the child is well enough to return.
         4. We absolutely DO NOT PERMIT MEDICINE OR MEDICATION OR ANY NATURE (including aspirin or          cough medicine) to be brought to the school. We are not allowed to administer any type of          medications to the children.
         5. Stroller policy: if your child comes to the school in a stroller, the stroller should be folded
         before parents leave to prevent any accidents from happenings.

We do not have any restrictions concerning children's daily attire. Children may wear any type of clothing they feel comfortable in. However, we do recommend dressing them in pants to help protect their legs and knees from scratches and carpet burns. All pants should have an elastic waist band to act as an aid during the last minute rush to the bathroom (which occurs quite often) since belts with buckles or shoulder high buttons become an obstacle and consequently may result in a wetting accident.
Note: We ask all parents to supply the school with a complete extra set of clothes consisting of underpants, undershirt, outer pants or dress, outer shirt, and socks. ALL OF WHICH MUST BE LABELED AND PLACED IN ZIPLOC BAGS, which must also be labeled. This bag of clothes will be placed in the child's cubby, ready for use in the event of emergencies.

** More information about school policy will be given to parents during school tour or upon requests.