Manhattan Nursery School

         1. A fire drill is held every month, and children practice to follow directions from teachers and          evacuate classrooms.
         2. In case of emergency, children will be staying at a safe facility near our school, and parents          
          will be informed right away.
         3. The parents are the only ones allowed to pick up their child unless other arrangements were          made by the parents. A person picking up a child other than the parents has to present a photo ID,
          and Manhattan Nursery school has to have a copy of his/her photo ID.
         4. All teachers in every classroom are alert when children are playing in classroom.
         5. Every teaching material has to be safe for the age and ability of children.
         6. Every teaching material has to be free of parts or crevices that can pinch or pull skin.
         7. The paint on every teaching material has to be non-toxic and permanent.